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formation DPCThe Labex IRON in partnership with the permanent training center of Nantes University Hospital, DHU Oncogreffe and SIRIC ILIAD offers DPC training in Radiopharmacy.

In June 2015, training « Clinical trials in radiopharmacy » given at the SMNO 2015 congress (Society of Nuclear Medicine of the West) and with speakers Prof Alain Faivre-Chauvet (Nantes), Prof. Marie-Dominique Desruet (Grenoble) and Prof Franck Lacoeuille (Angers).

Programme Essais cliniques en radiopharmacie

In June 2016, training « Pharmacokinetic and Dosimetry Studies in Early Phase Clinical Trials » delivered at the SMNO 2016 congress.

Formation DPC Radiopharma 2016

In June 2017, training « New PET tracers and their analogues for therapy in oncology » given at the SMNO 2017 congress.

Programme Nouveaux TraceursTEP

In June 2018, training « Internal vectorized radiotherapy: pharmaceutical aspects » given at the SMNO 2018 congress.

Prog Radiothérapie Interne Vectorisée

In June 2019, training « New PET tracers: inflammatory targets and PSMA agonists radiopharmaceutical aspects » given at the SMNO 2019 congress.