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Frederic Benhamou

Frederic Benhamou

The Strategic Advisory Committee receives proposals from the IRON project manager and the Steering Committee to decide on general policy options, co-financing operations, as advised by the International Scientific and Technical Advisory Board. This committee meets once a year. The first two meetings were held on October 8, 2013 and October 7, 2014. The third meeting is scheduled on October 13, 2015.

Composition of the Strategic Advisory Board:

Bandeau tutelles 1

Bandeau tutelles 2

Bandeau Régions

  • Representative of Atlanpole BiotherapiesBandeau Atlanpole
  • Representative of DRRT (Délégation Régionale à la Recherche et à la Technologie) – Pays de La Loire


  • Representatives of SATT (Ouest Valorisation, Grand Centre, Conectus, Toulouse Tech Transfer)bandeau SATT