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Pr F Kraeber-Bodéré

Pr F Kraeber-Bodéré

The Steering Committee supports scientific decisions and validates the implementation of the projects with dedicated budgets in the frame of the strategic options defined by the Strategic Advisory Board. It validates the educational programs proposed by the Higher Education and Training manager. It also validates technology transfer and industrial partnership opportunities proposed by the Technology Transfer manager. This committee meets 8 times per year.

Composition of the Steering Committee:

  • Chair: Pr Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré (Head of Nuclear Medicine department CHU Nantes / ICO René Gauducheau)
  • Scientifique delegate: Dr Nicolas Arlicot
  • Higher Education and Training manager: Pr Alain Faivre-Chauvet
  • Technology Transfer manager: Dr Jean-François Gestin
  • General delegate: Dr Marie-Hélène Gaugler
  • WP1 leader: Dr Nicolas Arlicot
  • WP2 leader: Dr Myriam Bernaudin
  • WP3 leader: Pr Michel Chérel
  • TF1 leader: Dr Ferid Haddad
  • TF2 leader: Dr Cécile Perrio
  • TF3 leader: Pr Michel Chérel
  • TF4 leader: Pr Pierre Payoux
  • TF5 leader: Dr Bénédicte Geffroy
  • Scientific/technical correspondents (STC): STC5: Dr Gilles Montavon, STC6: Emmanuel Garcion, STC7: Dr Louisa Barré, STC8: Dr Sylvain Routier, STC9: Pr Nicolas Noiret & Dr Nicolas Lepareur, STC10: Dr Michel Pellicioli