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Development of know-how:
a rise in power through actions staggered over time

  • respond to calls for projects for academic partners like ANR, European projects, international projects (Connect Talent),
  • integrate national (Aviesan) and European networks (Eatris),
  • respond to calls for projects for academic and industrial partners such as MATWIN, FUI and PSPC,
  • involve industrials in the governance of the IRON Labex and in the co-financing of dedicated staff for the IRON Labex,
  • develop or create partnerships with national or European competitiveness clusters:
    Atlanpole Biotherapies, a national competitiveness cluster, is already a partner of the IRON Labex.It is the only competitiveness cluster that includes Radiopharmaceuticals among its missions. It is committed to supporting the Labex IRON valorization project through the Isotop4Life consortium launched in 2012, communication support for the IRON Labex and the establishment of the national radiopharmaceutical sector. Atlanpole Biotherapies is represented on the Labex IRON strategic committee.
    – Partnership projects are underway with the national competitiveness clusters Lyon Biopole and Cancer-Bio-Santé.
    – The creation of partnerships with European competitiveness clusters such as BioWin will be facilitated thanks to Atlanpole Biotherapies which is a member of CEBR (Council of European BioRegions).

bandeau pole compet

bandeau SATT

  • promote the development of products that are transferable and recoverable through:
    – Market research by specialized firms (funding: Atlanpole Biotherapies),
    The assembly of R&D projects in consortium to realize these products by involving the companies from the beginning,
    Determining the type of services likely to accompany these products,
    – The protection of results obtained in order to facilitate subsequent economic negotiations,
    The development of a business plan, with an annual update, to study the feasibility of sales and specify the staggerings over time,
    – Pursuing the local policy of creating startups (incubator: Atlanpole Biotherapies) and development of existing SMEs (CCI, Regional Councils),
    The development of relationships with Big Pharmas.

Transmission of the make-known:
dissemination of results

  • Establish an operating charter between the partners of the IRON Labex defining the rules for sharing and managing intellectual property: ownership, exploitation and dissemination of results (publications, patent applications, licenses, conferences, advertising),
  • Establish consortium agreements to define operating rules between different public and private actors,
  • Inform the general public:
    by interventions in the general public events on the research like Fête de la Sciences,
    by participating in radio broadcasts,
    – by answering to requests from journalists,
  • Promote exchanges between Labex partners through the limited access of the website (internal communication, progress of works, exchanges on methodological approaches or difficulties),
  • Inform scientists and industrials:
    with the « News » section of the website: thesis offers, post-docs, event announcements
    with scientific publications and patents filed,
    – by organizing and facilitating national and international scientific conferences,
    – by participating in national and international congresses and exhibitions hosting scientific and industrial booths,
    – by organizing or partnering with national and international marketing operations.