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Obtaining the radionuclides of interest is the first step in developing a radiopharmaceutical.

The cyclotrons of Labex IRON are capable of producing conventional radionuclides such as fluorine-18, carbon-11 and oxygen-15  (Caen, Tours, Toulouse) for PET imaging, but also innovative radionuclides such as copper-64, scandium-44 / 44m, gallium-68, zirconium-89 and rubidium-82 for diagnostic applications and copper-67, scandium-47, and astate-211 for therapeutic applications (Nantes: Arronax Nantes, Strasbourg).

Gallium-68, rhenium-188, yttrium-90 and technetium-99 are also used by the Labex IRON partner teams for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. They are commercially available as generators (Germanium-68 / Gallium-68, Tungsten-188 / Rhenium-188, Strontium-90 / Yttrium-90, Molybdenum-99 / Technetium-99m) from different companies.

Le réseau de cyclotrons du Labex IRON

Cyclotron network of Labex IRON