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Isotop4Life is the first consortium of industrial and academic French partners sharing the same vision of « innovating and creating to protect life » in the field of Radiopharmaceuticals. The goal of this radiopharmaceutical consortium is to pool and structure resources and actors around the use of Radionuclides for Health in order to remove the barriers to innovation and development in the field of Radiopharmaceuticals. This sector, by offering service and product offerings, and the coordination, promotion, commercialization of R&D projects and their industrialization, is a unique gateway for the Pharmaceutical industry and Biotechnology companies.

Isotop4Life aims:

  • to remove the obstacles to therapeutic innovation (bottlenecks between preclinical evaluation and clinical development) in the field of biotherapies,
  • accelerate the selection and validation of biomolecules more efficiently (early assessment of therapeutic effect) for the patient,
  • to promote personalized medicine: the right patient, the right dose, the right treatment,
  • accelerate R & D on radioimmunoconjugates for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes,
  • to facilitate the transfer to patients by proposing the production and distribution of Radiopharmaceuticals,
  • optimize quality, safety and radiation protection, enable the dissemination of knowledge through training and the creation of international networks,
  • to create vocations.

Academic and industrial partners of Isotop4Life

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Isotop4Life brings together these partners to create a sufficient critical mass that can propose common actions and be identified internationally.This synergy should increase the international visibility of each of the actors and promote business growth (development of intellectual heritage, new products / services, acquisition of new skills, job creation …) and give international recognition to a theme deeply rooted in France.

Isotop4Life offers several offers:

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