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SNMICON 2017 (49th annual conference of the Society of Nuclear Medicine – India) is being organized with a vision to integrate basic research and clinical perspectives on various facets of nuclear medicine- radiochemistry, preclinical, translational and clinical theranostics. The aim of the conference is to promote pragmatic approach for advancement in precision nuclear medicine for the visualization and treatment of clinical pathalogies. The conference will focus on specific and advanced molecular imaging probes towards biochemical imaging of diseases. The SNMICON meeting will provide a unique platform for high-level scientific discussions in the exciting field of MOLECULAR IMAGING and TARGETED RADIONUCLIDE THERAPY and bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians. The conference will provide indubitable opportunity to understand new trends and development in the areas of neuroscience, oncology, and cardiology. This Conference will mark the beginning of production of newer radioisotope for theranostics in India.

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