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inmind_logo_kleinINMiND offers research and training activities related to neuroinflammation, neuro-degeneration/-regeneration and imaging with special emphasis on translating basic mechanisms into clinical applications.

Two training courses (in partnership with IRON Labex team 12):

PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals development: radiosynthesis, preclinical evaluation, GMP and clinical dossier” (November 2-5, 2015, Amsterdam)

  • Course A: Regulatory Topics
  • Course B: Radiochemistry and Tracer Development

Master or PhD students in biology, medicine, veterinary, pharmaceutical science, physics, mathematics and informatics as well as researchers and professionals from public and private institutions are invited to apply.

More information: here
Registration deadline: October 2, 2015
Registration form course A: rf_ts4_amsa_2015-11
Registration form course B: rf_ts4_amsb_2015-11